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"Metamorphosis" of Trolley Operation Management at Capital Airport
In the capital airport terminal, there are such a special group of "employees". "They" accompany the passengers to complete the journey smoothly, silently appear at the key nodes of the entry and exit process, and provide silent help when the
Baiyun Airport: Launched new equipment for trolley disinfection and "contactless" elevator service
"The disinfection machine comes with an infrared sensing system, which automatically senses nearby obstacles and trolleys, which can prevent passengers from colliding. If the trolley is not scanned, it will automatically stop working. The SEAONE UV trolley disinfection machine is also the first time to use in southern China." Baiyun Airport staff introduced .
All is fine! Guiyang CDC collects and monitors conveyor belt handrails and luggage carts at Longdongbao Airport
Pedestrian conveyor belt handrails, service center work surfaces, water dispensers, luggage trolleys... In order to maintain Guiyang's "air portal", ensure the safe travel of passengers, and consolidate the achievements in fighting the "epidemic",
The trolley disinfection machine was officially put into use in the T2 terminal
Trolleys are equipment used by passengers with high frequency and high mobility at airports. In order to ensure thorough disinfection of trolleys, Terminal 2 has specially introduced two SEAONE UV trolley disinfection machines, which are placed in the international baggage claim hall and the domestic baggage claim hall respectively to sterilize trolleys in a centralized manner. After a period of operation and testing, the SEAONE UV trolley disinfection machine has been officially put into use in Terminal T2 since April 7.
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