A number of routes opened to fight the "flying" to Chongli "happy"


summarize: "It would be nice to have a trolley like a luggage cart for skis, which would free up hands and solve the problem of carrying equipment for skiers like us." Last year, near the end of the ski season, a Shanghai ski tourist accidentally chatted with the staff and said his heart.

The annual ski season has come, the major ski resorts in Chongli District of Zhangjiakou City have been "opening the board". As the "air corridor" to arrive in Zhangjiakou, Zhangjiakou Airport has continuously improved the route network layout, optimized and unlocked "new services", comprehensively improved the level of winter service guarantee of the airport, so that passengers can enjoy a convenient and smooth air travel experience. Let more skiers fly to Zhangjiakou "happy".

Enjoy the ice and snow with multiple routes to choose from

It is reported that Zhangjiakou Airport continues to promote the integrated development of "aviation + tourism" and actively cooperates with 6 airlines to create "aviation + snow and ice" tourism products. At present, it operates Shanghai (Hongqiao, Pudong) -Zhangjiakou route, Zhangjiakou - Shijiazhuang - Hangzhou route, Zhangjiakou - Shijiazhuang - Xiamen Route, Zhangjiakou - Shijiazhuang - Guangzhou route, Chongqing - Zhangjiakou - Dalian route, Xi 'an - Zhangjiakou - Tianjin Route, Haikou - Shijiazhuang - Zhangjiakou route and other routes. From Dalian, Shijiazhuang, Tianjin, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Xi 'an, Chongqing, Haikou and other major cities, the airline network connecting North China, East China, South China, Northwest and southwest regions has been formed, constantly meeting the needs of ice and snow tourists.

"From Shijiazhuang to Zhangjiakou skiing is convenient and fast, and you can also have a tour in Zhengding Ancient City." A passenger from Guangzhou personally experienced the convenience of transit and the wonderful experience brought by transit products.

Zhangjiakou Airport actively builds the "trunk branch to the whole network" air transport network system to open up smooth links with trunk airports. At present, from Kunming, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Guilin, Nanning, Sanya, Xishuangbanna, Yinchuan, Urumqi and other more than 70 cities in the country can fly through the Shijiazhuang airport transit, to Zhangjiakou.

In order to further enhance the passenger travel experience, passengers can enjoy the "Fly from home - Enjoy transit" four free and three excellent services when they are in transit at Shijiazhuang Airport, which mainly include free meals, free overnight accommodation, free urban shuttle bus, free luggage storage, preferential shopping, preferential travel, preferential business lounge, special rest area and enjoy checked baggage hanging. At the same time, only one check-in procedure can be completed at Zhangjiakou Airport to achieve two boarding passes for flights, and checked baggage can be picked up directly at the destination.

Use the heart to protect the snow equipment

"The extraction of ski equipment here is really too humane, and the protection of our 'baby' is too good, it is very convenient." Said a ski passenger arriving at Zhangjiakou airport for the first time.

Zhangjiakou Airport in order to allow skiing enthusiasts to travel smoothly, seriously protect the "baby" of skiing enthusiasts, opened the "snowboard door to door" service. After landing at Zhangjiakou Airport, ski passengers can enjoy the "VIP service" of ski equipment. For arriving passengers to provide luggage and snow equipment pick-up, delivery home service, to solve the problem of travel inconvenience such as more luggage, heavy luggage, more special snow equipment, you can also contact with the cooperative unit "cargo Lala" to assist passengers to distribute ski equipment to the designated place. At the same time, we actively launch the "landing equipment" business, adding special services such as ski equipment counters, snow equipment sorting vehicles, snow equipment inspection channels, and snow equipment arrival channels. The loading and unloading personnel will specially transport ski equipment from the out-of-regulation baggage claim area to the inbound baggage claim hall, and the ski equipment will be placed on the special snow baggage trolley with the help of inspection personnel. Not only can you carefully take care of the ski equipment throughout the whole process, but also can save the travel time of passengers, so that the ski equipment travel worry-free.

"It would be nice to have a trolley like a luggage cart for skis, which would free up hands and solve the problem of carrying equipment for skiers like us." Last year, near the end of the ski season, a Shanghai ski tourist accidentally chatted with the staff and said his heart.

Zhangjiakou Airport carefully listens to the voice of passengers, re-constructs the special equipment, transforms the luggage trolley, installs the snowboard shelf on the side of the baggage trolley, provides convenient conditions for passengers carrying skis, completely liberates the hands of skiing enthusiasts, solves the problem of inconvenient use of the trolley for skiing passengers with more luggage and large volume of special snow equipment.

A number of initiatives to make snow travel smoother

Zhangjiakou Airport also actively contacted Changbaishan Airport to optimize the previous annual security process and revise the snow and ice passenger transport security plan; Communicate with the ski resorts in Chongli, prepare a sufficient number of snowboard luggage carts according to the number of ski teams and skis per day, check the vehicles and equipment required for protection in advance, and ensure the normal operation of each support link; Accumulate experience in the protection of snow and ice passengers, share information and cooperate with each other among departments, organize and carry out simulation exercises on the operation of over-regulation baggage transfer, improve and optimize the details of service guarantee such as baggage carousel and baggage trolley, and improve the protection efficiency of large-sized snowboard departing from the port; Install soft bags for baggage drags to prevent skis and other equipment from being damaged due to bumps during loading; To provide skiing enthusiasts with accommodation consultation, vehicle travel and other services, to facilitate the first time to Zhangjiakou skiing tourists choice; The metal door handles of the terminal are wrapped in velvet gloves to provide disposable hand warmers for passengers in need, passing a little warmth to passengers in the cold winter, comprehensively improving the travel experience of snow and ice passengers, and allowing passengers to experience the perfect skiing journey.

Zhangjiakou Airport will continue to enrich the snow and ice transport service products, combined with the characteristics of winter operation to launch a series of service measures, so that skiing passengers feel the airport's "warm, warm heart, warm travel" travel service experience, improve the service level for skiing passengers, create an "aviation + snow and ice" travel experience, and help the urban skiing industry.

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