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Baiyun Airport: Launched new equipment for trolley disinfection and "contactless" elevator service

Baiyun Airport: Launched new equipment for trolley disinfection and "contactless" elevator service


On the basis of the recent launch of the "infrared induction non-contact" elevator service at Baiyun Airport T1 Terminal, on April 7, two trolley disinfection machines were officially installed in the domestic and international arrival baggage claim halls of Baiyun Airport T2 Terminal. Centralized disinfection of trolleys. This is another new measure taken by Baiyun Airport to prevent the import of overseas epidemics and increase disinfection.

The trolley disinfection machine was officially put into use in the T2 terminal

Trolleys are equipment used by passengers with high frequency and high mobility at airports. In order to ensure thorough disinfection of trolleys, Terminal 2 has specially introduced two SEAONE UV trolley disinfection machines, which are placed in the international baggage claim hall and the domestic baggage claim hall respectively to sterilize trolleys in a centralized manner. After a period of operation and testing, the SEAONE UV trolley disinfection machine has been officially put into use in Terminal T2 since April 7.

It is reported that the SEAONE UV trolley disinfection machine not only greatly improves the disinfection efficiency, but also avoids the corrosion of the trolley that may be caused by the use of disinfectant and the basket frame, wheels and other parts of the trolley that cannot be wiped in the daily disinfection mode, so as to achieve full coverage of the trolley without dead corners.

Some elevators in Terminal 1 are upgraded to "contactless".

"The disinfection machine comes with an infrared sensing system, which automatically senses nearby obstacles and trolleys, which can prevent passengers from colliding. If the trolley is not scanned, it will automatically stop working. The SEAONE UV trolley disinfection machine is also the first time to use in southern China." Baiyun Airport staff introduced .

The Southern Metropolis reporter was informed that the system upgrade of the four sightseeing elevators in the atrium of the main building of the T1 terminal of Baiyun Airport has been completed recently. In the position of the original elevator button, an additional set of red induction devices are installed. Passengers can "select" floors as long as they approach the device with their hands, and respond to their needs in as little as 0.3 seconds, realizing a true "contactless" elevator ride. This "infrared induction non-contact" elevator service adopts intelligent infrared induction technology. Passengers do not need to touch the button during operation, but only need to approach the red induction device to select the floor, and "call the elevator" outside the elevator.

The device is installed on the left and right sides of the elevator function buttons, which can effectively avoid the mutual interference of induction during floor selection. In order to facilitate and quickly get the "new skills", Baiyun Airport also posted a prompt in both English and Chinese at the top of the elevator buttons at a prominent position. Ms. Wan, a traveler, said: "This contactless elevator service is convenient and environmentally friendly, making travel safer and more convenient."

Written by: Southern Metropolis reporter Zhong Liting correspondent airport propaganda

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