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Daxing Airport luggage trolleys implement "one passenger one disinfection"

Daxing Airport luggage trolleys implement "one passenger one disinfection"


Reporter Li Bo learned from Daxing Airport that at present, the airport has set up 24 passenger temperature measurement points and 32 channels, which has achieved full coverage of the airport's two-way passenger temperature measurement.

This morning, the terminal building of Daxing Airport was slightly deserted. Only a small number of passengers with suitcases entered the airport wearing masks, and passengers could check in without queuing. A one-meter line was set up in front of the information desk, and an isolation tape was used to separate a certain distance in front of the service desk. The service staff on duty wore masks and goggles. In the terminal building, staff are sanitizing the handrails of trolleys with disinfecting watering cans and rags.

"As long as passengers have used luggage trolleys, we will disinfect the handrails once. Each check-in island needs to disinfect more than 100 vehicles throughout the day." said Yan Dandan, a trolley cleaner. According to the relevant person in charge, in addition to the "one-passenger one-disinfection" measure, at present, Daxing Airport disinfects the trolleys as a whole four times a day during the daytime flight, and conducts a comprehensive cleaning at night, and the trolleys are disinfected at high temperature.

Chen Xue, deputy general manager of the terminal management department of Daxing Airport, introduced that at present, when passengers enter the terminal, they need to have their temperature checked and wear masks. For passengers who do not wear masks, the airport has set up 13 mask distribution points, and passengers can receive them after real-name registration. The reporter also noticed that the airport also set up a one-meter line where people line up at check-in security, dining counters, toilets, and elevators. In order to facilitate the shopping of passengers, all commercial stores in Daxing Airport are still operating normally.

In order to prevent and control the new crown pneumonia epidemic, passengers entering Beijing from Daxing Airport must search for the "Jingxin Help" applet through the Beijing Tong APP or on Baidu, WeChat, Alipay, register the relevant information of passengers, and go to the community and hotel where they live after arriving in Beijing. Check in.

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