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Foldable elderly trolley

Foldable elderly trolley


In today's aging population, the elderly have become frequent visitors to shopping places such as supermarkets, while young people are busy with their lives. Most of them are willing to choose online shopping in terms of shopping, which is directly delivered to their doorsteps, which is convenient and fast. Under this trend, concerns about the shopping and travel of the elderly have gradually become a development direction. At this time, the foldable elderly trolley appeared, so what are the characteristics of the foldable elderly trolley? Let me introduce it below.

The new elderly trolley adopts a new mechanical mechanism, which makes it easy to fold, deform and disassemble, so as to get rid of the status quo of the single function of the shopping cart and realize the needs of multi-function and convenience.

The advantages of the new elderly trolley are mainly reflected in the structure and the use of materials. The ingenious structural design makes this type of shopping trolley simple in structure, detachable, easy to assemble, foldable, small in storage space, and easy to carry; the use of different materials makes it easy to carry. The cart is easy to clean and maintains good hygiene.

It gets rid of the single function of the shopping cart and realizes the needs of diversified and convenient functions. It is suitable for storing and transporting items with relatively small volume and quality. It is suitable for temporary medium and short-distance transportation in a small amount and a large range under most conditions. It can be folded It can be placed later, reduce the use space and gradually develop towards intelligence. The production and use make various resources input relatively less, the price is low, and most of them are privately owned. And gradually to the intelligent development, but the structural reliability is low, easy to damage.

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