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Disadvantages of elderly trolleys

Disadvantages of elderly trolleys


With the increase of the aging population in my country and the gradual improvement of elderly services, the elderly are no longer just walking a thousand miles with a crutch, and folding shopping carts provide them with more convenience. So what are the disadvantages of the elderly trolley? Next, Baibai Safety Network will explain it to you.

Shopping cart for the elderly, with handbrake and fixed brake, the handle can be adjusted, it can also be folded, the car can also be folded! The front two wheels are universal wheels, and there is a shopping bag under the seat cushion, which can be lifted to put the purchases in.

Features of the elderly trolley

1. The elderly can walk on their own while holding the handle! As a walking aid!

2. When the elderly are tired from walking, they can sit down and rest!

3. There is a shopping basket, which can put down a kind of daily necessities or purchased items of the elderly.

4. With seat, with hand brake and parking brake! It is foldable and takes up little space.

Disadvantages of elderly trolleys

Individuals are of poor quality, easy to damage, and easy to scratch their hands. The elderly do not want to spend a lot of money on shopping carts of poor quality, and various problems will occur within a few days. The following brands are for reference: Hemei De, Elijiao, Youkangde, etc. After choosing a good brand, if the purchase channel is wrong, it is easy to buy inferior products. When buying shopping carts, elderly consumers can consider buying in elderly malls. They provide products exclusively for the elderly. The quality and quality are more guaranteed than other places. Door-to-door delivery and high-quality after-sales can save a lot of trouble. .

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